EnDOW Diligent Search Tool


The EnDOW Diligent Search Tool enables users with no specialized legal knowledge to carry out diligent searches on behalf of cultural heritage institutions. The tool is  available for searches in 20 jurisdiction in the European Union.


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Lastly released

Study on Best practices of Cultural Heritage Institutions when dealing with orphan works (press release and full Report available)

Diligent Search poster: All our decision processes available.

Diligent Search Manual: a practical guide for beginners, to read before using the Tool.

Sources for diligent search in 20 countries: complete list of appropriate sources to carry out a diligent search in 20 EU countries.

Study on Directive 2012/28/EU’s requirements for diligent search in 20 European countries (press release and full Report available).

Diligent Search in the European Union: Challenges and Opportunityfinal conference of the EnDOW project at the EU Intellectual Property Office in Alicante, Spain, 15 May 2018.

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