Diligent Search

Below you can find our beta tool to assist the layperson in orphan works diligent searches.  Our calculator walks you through the necessary steps of a diligent search  and asks you to look at sources to determine if a work is an orphan work under the European Orphan Works Directive. After a successful orphan works determination you can submit a downloadable search report to your local orphan works authority. This authority can then publish your report on the Orphan Works Database at the European Intellectual Property Office.

Please note: This is a beta version of our platform, functionality might change, this might include the loss of your saved diligent search.

First time?

Have a look at our manual for tips and tricks, if this is the first time that you use this tool.


Start a new search

This allows you to do start a diligent search for an orphan in a given jurisdiction of the European Union. In the current beta the Netherlands, the UK, Italy and Germany are available.

Start a new search

Continue a search

Continue working on a diligent search by entering its ID below. Entering a version number is optional. The latests version is loaded if no version number is given.

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