These Films need Rights Clearance

Cuckoo’s Secret, The 1922 British Instructional Films
Busy Bees 1926 British Instructional Films
Day in the Life of Kevin Donnellon, A 1972 Granada
Where Has Poor Mickey Gone? 1964 Ledeck Productions Ltd
Cross-Roads 1955 Bartlett Films
Sammy and Rosie Get Laid 1987 Sammy and Rosie Ltd, Working Title, British Screen Finance, Channel Four
Green Grow The Rushes 1951
Being Gay in the Thirties 1981 LWT
Home From Melbourne: Well Done British Boxers 1956
Prelude 1927
Elstree Erbs, The 1930
Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten – 1947 1947
XIVth Olympiad  – The Olympic Games at St Moritz 1948
Burlesque Queen 1962
Knees Up, Mother Brown 1964
Riding High 1939 Embassy Film Company
FCB TV Show No. 1 1955 FCB TV
Willy Reilly and His Colleen Bawn 1918 Film Company of Ireland
PS We’ve Got a New Dog…! 1992 Arts Council of Great Britain
Is This the Future? 1991 Arts Council of Great Britain
Celebrashan (Syncho Project) 1994 Carlton TV
Surviving Sabu 1997 Hindi Picture
Fireflies n Stars 1991 Rastaman in De Year 2000
Artists Must Live 1953 BBC Television
Black on White 1954 BBC Television, The Educational Television and Radio Center, Arts Council
Cathédrale Engloutie. The Cathedral Under the Sea. 1961 Samaritan Films, Marlborough Fine Art
Fields of the Senses, Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy 1978 Thread Cross Films
Jazz Rebound (Syncho Project) 1994 Eye & Eye
John Piper 1955 BBC Television
Pix 1972 Mathews Miller Dunbar
Poets Against the Bomb 1981 CNDPoetfilm
Prophecy, Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy 1978 Thread Cross Films
Radiating the Fruit of Trut, Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy 1978 Thread Cross Films
Soft Target  (Syncho Project) 1994 Cavendish Productions
Tokunbo Suya 1994 Time & Vision
Walter Sickert. Painter of the Third Floor Back 1954 BBC Television