Manual is a platform that guides you through the diligent search process as described in the Orphan Works Directive and its national implementation. The platform is currently in its beta phase and we invite users to send us feedback at <X>.

Using the tool

The tool guides you through a series of questions that allows you to determine the orphan works status of a given work. The tool starts by you selecting the jurisdiction that you want to do your search in and the language that you want the questions to appear in.

By clicking on the ‘more information’ button you can get more information about the question or links to additional resources.

You can stop in the middle of a diligent search and get back to it late by clicking ‘save’ in the lower right of the tool your search will be stored in our database. We generate an unique identifier that you can use to get back to your diligent search. This is presented in the top of the tool. Copy this identifier to get back to your search.

Once you’ve saved your search you can also publicly share this identifier with others to collaboratively work on a search. Please note that only one person can work on a search at a given time.

TheĀ PDF button in the lower left of the tool allows you to download a pdf of your current search. Upon completion of the diligent search process this can be used as a search report that you can send to your local authority.

Please note that changing your answer can result in the removal of subsequent answer as that information can become obsolete.